The Ivory Way!

In the time past, a person’s wellbeing received little or no attention, then Boom!

The situation reversed and ever since life took on a new meaning. Despite its widespread use, the expression ‘well being’ has different meaning to different people. For some, well being means almost anything beyond information about death and death rates, for others the phrase emphasize the psychological and social aspects of life, and for yet another, it’s an all covering concept that refers to all aspects of a person’s life. Whichever it is, it spells ‘LIFESTYLE’

A happy lifestyle means happiness, confidence, healthy physical condition and being at peace with yourself, the society and life as a whole. It is about feeling excellent and taking good care of oneself – a responsibility we often disregard when coping with the rigorous demands of our everyday living, until we fall ill or drop dead.

A happy lifestyle is beyond eating a balanced diet, taking regular exercise and avoiding illness. It also reflects the mental, emotional and social aspects of an individual’s life. The key aspects of a happy lifestyle can be broken down into the following elements.

Our Body: Many aspects of our health are beyond our control and are related to factors such as family history, genetic makeup and the natural consequences of growing old.

This said, there are steps we can follow to improve our health, allowing us to improve our chances of living longer by avoiding some harmful activities or habits such as smoking, sedentary lifestyle and excessive drinking, which can significantly reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease, some types of cancer, respiratory problems, etc.

Our Mind: Maintaining a positive outlook, by interacting with others and getting involved in continuous activities can reduce stress in our lives.

Our Diet: ‘you are what you eat.’ Having a balanced and varied diet is vital to a person’s wellbeing and lifestyle and can have a major impact on how we look and feel about ourselves.

Our Daily Routine: Habitual physical exercise should form part of our daily routine and it’s particularly important for young, middle and old people. Exercise helps us build stamina, strength and to manage our body weight and having some fun to boost!

Our Environment: It is vitally important to be aware of the impact that our environment has on us and others around us, particularly our children. By sticking to these basic principles and adopting a healthy attitude to life, we can improve our quality of living. Our economic prosperity does not necessarily make us feel any better individually or as a country. A healthy lifestyle is not all about avoiding illness and staying fit, it also depends on us making sound choices, remaining in control of our life and our lifestyle and above all, enjoying ourselves!

For over two decades, it has been our core concern at Ivory Health Club in ensuring that our members keep fit, healthy and happy. Our team is committed and dedicated to promoting an excellent lifestyle to our community in all its ramifications – family, corporate, etc.

Join us and experience a total lifestyle transformation as you develop new social and professional ties.

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